Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Event: Library $1 Book sale

Cal Day at UC Berkeley
Saturday, April 18
9am - 3pm
303 Doe Library

The 4,500+ books on the shelves of Doe 303 will be offered for sale for $1 each. Most books are fresh; that is, they have not been offered for sale in room 303 before. You will find some surprisingly attractive books in the room. I hope that many move from the Library's shelves to yours.

The Doe Library building will open at 9am on the 18th. The best place to wait, if you plan to arrive in advance, is at the main (North) entrance to Doe. Right at 9am I'll walk up to 303 with those who have been waiting in line. I'll ask that everyone maintains his or her place in the line.

Scanners are permitted for those who require an electronic second opinion. Hoarding books for subsequent leisurely review, however, is not.

Thank you for your interest, and I hope to see you there,
Dirk Kennedy

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Event: Buddhist Studies Exhibit at Brown Gallery, Doe Library

Doe Library's Brown Gallery will host a Buddhist Studies Exhibit beginning March 9 through August 31, 2015.

This exhibit celebrates the intellectual contributions, as well as the global impact and legacy, of UC Berkeley's unique program in Buddhist studies. It features publications of alumni and faculty, as well as Berkeley's manuscript collections that made this research possible. While the scholarship presented here reflects the broad interdisciplinary orientation of the Berkeley program, it is grounded in the philological expertise—the ability to work with often arcane Buddhist canonical materials that survive in languages such as Sanskrit, Pali, Tibetan, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese—that is the hallmark of the Berkeley program.

This exhibit recognizes the scholars who founded the Group in Buddhist Studies, their precursors, and those who continue to lead the program today. It features samples of East Asian Buddhist canons, Mongolian and Tibetan texts, Dunhuang manuscript canons, sacred texts of Nepalese Buddhism, Southeast Asian palm-leaf manuscripts, The Tipiáš­aka, an edition of the Pali given by King Chulalongkorn of Siam, as well as European publications of Buddhist studies. The exhibit highlights the evolution, breadth, and remarkable success of Buddhist studies scholarship at Berkeley through materials housed at The Bancroft Library, C. V. Starr East Asian Library, Doe Library, South/Southeast Asia Library, and Northern Regional Library Facility.

Curated by Janet Carter, Alexander von Rospatt, Virginia Shih, Trent Walker, and Bruce Williams.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Event: Bancroft Roundtable: “Counter-institutions are the answer, man!” Multi-Ethnic Publishing in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1970s.

The next Bancroft Roundtable will take place in the Lewis-Latimer Room of The Faculty Club at noon on Thursday, March 19. Simon Abramowitsch, Bancroft Library Study Award recipient and doctoral candidate in English at UC Davis, will present “Counter-institutions are the answer, man!” Multi-Ethnic Publishing in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1970s.

In the 1970s, independent publishing in the San Francisco Bay Area was central to the development of multi-ethnic American literature. Writers, editors, and publishers of literary journals and small presses made space for literature by African American, Asian American, Latina/o, Native American writers as well as European American writing outside the mainstream. But more than simply efforts to present work by and for single ethnic groups, the development of multi-ethnic literature in the Bay Area suggested and argued for a properly multi-cultural American literature. Ishmael Reed and Al Young’s Yardbird is frequently cited as the exemplar of this movement for the multi-culture, but Yardbird was in fact only one instance of a diverse and complex range of regional efforts in this direction. The talk will discuss the history of this local literary activity by looking at some of the figures and publishing efforts in the Bay Area during the 1970s.

Kathi Neal and Baiba Strads Bancroft Library Staff

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Primary Sources: ProQuest History Vault: Vietnam War and American Foreign Policy, 1960-1975

Vietnam War and American Foreign Policy, 1960-1975 contains documents generated and collected by the media, the military, the CIA, the U.S. State Department, the National Security Council, Presidents, and selected Cabinet members. The resource is focused on the Vietnam War, but the collections in the module address all of the most important foreign policy issues facing the United States between 1960 and 1975.

The documents can be browsed and searched (Advanced Search is recommended). ProQuest's brochure includes a list of all the collections.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Resource: Russian Politics Web Archive

In light of recent events in Russia, UCLA has published its latest collection of archived web pages on Russian politics. Among the pages are "captures of Boris Nemtsov's blog and of the reports he researched and wrote about corruption and mismanagement at the highest levels of government.  Nemtsov was a prominent opposition political leader who was killed last Friday not far from Red Square." [source]

The archived sites are in Russian, but the interface is in English.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Primary Source: The Meerut Conspiracy Trial, 1929-1933

In Spring 1929 a group of labor leaders and trade unionists were arrested and charged under section 121-A of the Indian Penal Code (Act 45 of 1860) for "conspiring to deprive the King of His Sovereignty of British India." Labeled by the British government as Bolsheviks, only a few of the men were members of the Communist Party, which at the time did not have a strong presence in India. The preliminary proceedings, subsequent trial, and appeals together lasted four years, during which the accused garnered much public sympathy and the Communist movement in India gained more support.

The Meerut Conspiracy Trial, 1929-1933, a collection contained in British Online Archives, includes documents drawn from the British Library, Labour History Archive & Study Centre and Working Class Movement Library. They include India Office records, personal papers of one of the accused, papers of a Secretary of the Labour party that show widespread support of the accused, and a collection of books and pamphlets related to the trial.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Resource: Loeb Classical Library Online

The Library has acquired the Loeb Classical Library Online, which provide full text of Greek and Latin classics, accompanied by English translations.

Key features include:
  • Single- and dual-language reading modes
  • Sophisticated Bookmarking and Annotation features
  • Tools for sharing Bookmarks and Annotations
  • Greek keyboard
  • User account and My Loeb content saved in perpetuity
  • Intuitive Search and Browse
  • Inclusion of every Loeb volume in print
  • Regular uploading of new and revised volumes
Please note: To access from off-campus, you must use the Library VPN (Virtual Private Network).